International Workshop

Future of Nuclear Collisions
at High Energies

The Palace of Cracow Bishops erected in 1637 - 1641.
A branch of the National Museum with rich collection of paintings, tapestry and furniture.

Kielce, Poland, October 14-17 2004

The Workshop is the first one in the sequence of "Kielce Physics Workshops"
organized by Institute of Physics at Swietokrzyska Academy

Scientific programme

  The main goal of the Workshop is to review a current status of nuclear collision studies at high energies, and to discuss future projects and ideas. For this purpose we plan series of presentations on the experimental data collected at SIS, AGS, SPS and RHIC accelerators, and on theoretical understanding of these data. In the second part of the Workshop, the approved (GSI SIS-200, LHC) and not yet approved (SPS, RHIC-fixed target) future projects will be presented. We also hope to learn about novel theoretical ideas. Finally, a discussion on involvement of Polish groups in the future programs will be arranged.

Invited speakers

F. Becattini

   H. Bialkowska

E. Bratkowskaya

   W. Broniowski

A. Budzanowski

   P. Danielewicz

B. Erazmus

   M. Gazdzicki

M. Gorenstein

   D. Hofman

M. Kowalski

   Z. Majka

G. Odyniec

   J.-Y. Ollitrault

G. Papp

   J. Pluta

M. Praszalowicz

   J. Rafelski

D. Roehrich

   P. Salabura

P. Senger

   P. Seyboth

A. Szczurek

   G. Wilk

K. Wisniewski

   B. Wosiek

A. K. Wroblewski

   B. Wyslouch

K. Zalewski

   B. Zwieglinski

Organizing committee

 Wojciech Florkowski (AS Kielce, INP Cracow)

 Marek Gazdzicki (IKF Frankfurt, AS Kielce)

 Stanislaw Mrowczynski (AS Kielce, INS Warsaw)

 Grzegorz Stefanek (AS Kielce)

 Zbigniew Wlodarczyk (AS Kielce)

Conference plan

  The meeting will serve the community of heavy ion physicists. It is mainly (but not only) addresed to members of polish groups involved in GSI, CERN, BNL and other heavy ion experiments. We plan lectures in form of mini-reviews which will cover the status of the field and lectures about future facilities and heavy ion programs. Talks (about 30 min) are planned every morning and afternoon. We hope to have enough time for discussion after every presentation.

Useful information

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Local organizers at Swietokrzyska Academy W.Florkowski, M.Gazdzicki, St.Mrowczynski, G.Stefanek, Z.Wlodarczyk
You can contact us by e-mails:, phone: +48-41-349 6466, 6467, 6445, or fax: +48-41-349 6443.

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